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9.5in Paddle Cushion Brush - Nylon Bristles, Black

9.5in Paddle Cushion Brush - Nylon Bristles, Black

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Professional Quality Cushion Paddle Brush.  The Nylon Pins And Rubber Pad Are Essential For Combating Static And Making Your Hair Look Silky Smooth.   Ideal For Getting Out Snarls, Getting Rid Of Frizz And Increasing Shine.   For Everyday Brushing Of All Hair Lengths. 

Great Every Day Go To Brush
  • Ball-Tipped Bristles Detangle & Style Without Pulling Or Snagging Hair
  • Ball-Tipped Bristles Gently Massage Your Scalp, May Improve Blood Circulation And Promote Hair Growth
  • Great For Any Type of Hair, Particularly Thick, Coarse, And Curly. 
Natural Shape & Style
  • Flexible Cushion Base Conforms To The Shape Of Your Head For Stress-Free Brushing.
  • Designed To Gently Detangle And Smoothing Wet Or Dry Hair
  • Ergonomic Handle with Comfortable To Use Rectangular Head

Dimensions:  Overall: 9.5" Long, 3.25" Wide (at the widest) Bristles: 3.25" Wide, 4" Long

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