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Introducing the ultimate telephone cord spiral coil hair ties that provide a secure hold for any hairstyle. With sizes for every hair type, these 8 coils are gentle yet boast an exceptionally strong hold. Say goodbye to dents and creases with their smooth plastic, spiral construction. Not just functional, these hair ties are also stylish, doubling as trendy accessories for your hair or wrist. Made from non-absorbent waterproof material, they're perfect for any activity. And if they stretch, simply shrink them back to their original size with warm water or a blow dryer. Experience convenience, reliability, and style - your hair will thank you!

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    Small (1.5-2in) 

    1.5in Solid Color
    1.5in Sparkly Center
    1.75in Fabric Covered

    Medium (2.0in-2.5in)

    2in White Center
    2.25in Sparkly Center
    2.25in Multi Colored

    Large (>2.5in)

    2.5in Transparent Color
    2.5in Sparkly Center

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    Solid Color Sparkly Center Fabric Covered