Collection: Small Coils

Small Coils Less Than 1.5in in Diameter!

Despite The Small Size of These Coils, They Easily Stretch To Hold Your Hair In A Ponytail, Messy Bun, Or Braid All Day.

  • Gentle On Your Hair
  • Exceptionally Strong Hold.
  • Eliminates Dents And Creases.
  • Smooth Plastic, Spiral Construction Helps To Prevent Tangling And Prevents Hair Breakage When You Removed.
  • Cute Both In Your Hair And On Your Wrist!
  • Non-Absorbent Waterproof Material Is Ideal For Exercise And Swimming!
  • If The Coil Stretches Permanently, Simply Use A Cup Of Warm Water Or A Hot Blow Dryer To Shrink It Back To Its Original Size.

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