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9.5in Grooming Ceramic Convection Brush, Hercules Sagemann 9352

9.5in Grooming Ceramic Convection Brush, Hercules Sagemann 9352

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Soft Touch Finish.  Lightweight with an Ergonomic Anti-Slip Brown Handle. Soft and High-Quality Pneumatic Cushion With Boar Bristles and Very Think Nylon Pins with Small Ball Points.

Dimensions: Overall: 9.5" Long, 2" (52mm) Diameter, 3.5" Long Bristles
12 Rows

The ceramic coating of the body spreads the heat equally and acts as a heat accumulator and conductor, therefore the drying time is perceptibly shorter.  The natural boat bristles smooth the cuticle of the hair with every stoke of the brush for perfect shine.  particularly suitable for mid-length to long hair.

Free Standard Shipping (Domestic USA only)

Hercules Sägemann (Germany) has been producing the highest quality professional brushes for over 150 years.   The high quality and extraordinary character of their products implicate a unique feeling of luxury.   Hercules Sagemann products fulfil the highest standard of quality, design and performance.  The name Hercules Sagemann stands for quality, sustainability and functionality.


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