Collection: Medium Velvet Scrunchies

Get dolled up with Amelia Beauty's 8-pack of 3.5-inch diameter velvet scrunchies! Our scrunchies tick all the boxes—smooth, soft, durable, and comfortable—making them perfect to wear all day, every day.  Designed with a no-snag, wrinkle-free design, our velvet hair scrunchies are gentle on your hair and won't cause any pulling or damage. The sturdy elastic core ensures they're long-lasting and perfect for styling all hair types, whether it's long or short.  Get ready to spice up your look with our hair ties that add a pop of color—perfect for yoga, biking, working, shopping, dancing, parties, soccer, basketball, baseball, and more! Our medium-sized velvet scrunchies are guaranteed to reduce friction, minimize frizz, and alleviate hair pressure and headaches.  These scrunchies are perfect for women, girls, teens, kids, children, and all hair lengths. Whether you're pulling back long hair, creating the perfect ponytail, top knot, or up-do, our scrunchies have got you covered. Give your locks the love they deserve with Amelia Beauty's velvet scrunchies today!

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