6in Magic Scalp Brush, Raspberry, Hercules Sagemann 8101

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The Magic Scalp Brush - an absolute darling for magical results!

Finally, de-tagnle every hair completely free of pain!

This brush is more than only a brush. This brush easily detangles every hair and looks really cool and stylish. Best quality, smart design and transparent look! The magic scalp brush is everybody’s darling. Even kids love to detangling the hair with this brush – no tears anymore.

Due to the nylon pins set in a special way the scalp brush guarantees you:

  • Extremely gentle treatment of your hair
  • Detangles wet and strained hair
  • No painful tugging and pulling, suitable for any hair type
  • Perfect results also for extensions and coloured hair
  • Ideal for styling and finishing the hair
  • Extremely gentle for the hair and scalp, improves the blood circulation
  • Simple application, very hygienic and easy to clean

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Hercules Sägemann (Germany) has been producing the highest quality professional brushes for over 150 years.   The high quality and extraordinary character of their products implicate a unique feeling of luxury.   Hercules Sagemann products fulfil the highest standard of quality, design and performance.  The name Hercules Sagemann stands for quality, sustainability and functionality.